Is the End Here?

The Colts have made the playoffs whether through the wild card or division title, for nine consecutive years. Although, they have retained many of the players who led the team to a Superbowl berth in 2009, there is one key ingredient missing. Peyton Manning has been sidelined with a neck injury and after receiving another surgery just last week there is no set timetable on his return, in fact his return this season is very questionable.

After Indianapolis got destroyed by their division rival Houston Texans Sunday, it has become very evident that even though Kerry Collins is a capable backup at QB, he is not even close to the level that Peyton is on. However, Collins’ offensive line did not help out all too much in that first half giving up several sacks, causing Collins to fumble multiple times, which he has been prone to do in the past with the Giants and Raiders. Those turnovers set up a couple of scores for the Texans, including a Ben Tate touchdown late in the first quarter to push the Texans’ lead 17 to nothing.

To end one of the ugliest halves the Colts have played in a long time, the punt team allowed a 79 yard punt return touchdown from Jacoby Jones putting the Texans up 34 to 0 at the half.

There were not too many bright spots in this game, except for the fact that Joseph Addai looked pretty good on a couple of carries, and Reggie Wayne was himself with 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. If Jim Caldwell and the Colts have any plans on winning games, they better change their offensive philosophy quickly, by utilizing the running game much more, and keeping the opposing offense off the field. The Colts defense is built to play from ahead, and it is hard to expect much out of the defense when they cannot let Mathis and Freeney loose on passing downs. This year looks to be an end of an era for the Colts. Expect anywhere from a 4 to 6 win season out of them this year.

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