Colts v. Browns Week 2 Matchup

After a bad loss at Houston last week the Colts come home to face the lowly Cleveland Browns. In any other season the Colts would be favored by 13 points, but with Peyton Manning out and the two linebackers, Ernie Sims and Gary Brackett out of practice on Thursday, the Colts are getting 3 points at home this Sunday. This may be the first time this happened since Manning’s sophomore season.

Despite the fact that the Colts were dismantled in Houston last week, the Browns are coming off a weak loss to the Bungles last week, and plus they are still the Browns, so there is no reason to expect that Indianapolis has no shot in this game. The Browns defense is shaky at best, which will present Kerry Collins with opportunities on offense. Also Cleveland’s offense is much weaker than that of the Texans, so if the Colts could get off to a quick start the Indy defense will be able to unleash their D ends and disrupt Colt McCoy in the passing game.

Expect the Colts to come out and play with some pride, back in Indy this week. Also savor the win this week because there may not be too many more this season if the Colts are not able to get Manning back at all this season.


Get your Betting Slips out, here are the

Locks of the Week:

*Baltimore Ravens -6 at Tennessee

*New York Jets -9 home against Jacksonville

*Oakland Raiders +3 ½ at Buffalo


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