Colts Lose a Close One

It is becoming clear that the 2011 season is going to be a long one for the Indianapolis Colts, after a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 23-20 Sunday Night.

The Colts had every opportunity to win this game. Indianapolis defense gave up early points, but from then on they completely shut down the Pittsburgh offense. The Colts defense was running all over the place, hitting Roethlisberger a bunch of times, and causing him to turnover the ball.

Indianapolis had every opportunity to take advantage of the Steelers mistakes and take the lead, but they continued to show their ineptitude on offense. Kerry Collins cannot run the type of offense that the Colts attempt to, and after he got hurt it actually appeared that Curtis Painter may be better suited for the team. It wouldn’t be surprising if Painter is starting at quarterback before long.

After this hard fought game against the Steelers it appears that the Colts have developed a gameplan for victory, which is to play great defense and run the ball enough to move the offense down the field. Their only problem will be their ability to score touchdowns. If they are not going to get the ball into the end zone it will be extremely difficult for them to win on any sort of consistent basis.

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