The Colts get Totally Embarrassed in a 62-7 Rout on Sunday Night

Everyone knew that the New Orleans Saints were going to be focused coming off a loss, but no one knew that the Colts were going to look like a high school team on Sunday Night. At this point it does not matter who Indianapolis faces, the result will be the same just about every time, a loss.

It was pretty clear that Peyton Manning was the main reason that the Colts were able to compete game after game, year after year, it is just somewhat surprising that this team is an absolute abomination without their quarterback. Indianapolis is as bad of team as any in recent memory.

The Saints were up 21-0 before you blinked on two touchdown passes to Colston and one to Sproles. Brees finished the game 31-35 for 325 yards and 5 touchdown passes.

Delone Carter was the lone bright spot on the Colts. He rushed for 89 yards on 10 carries and picked up a touchdown which would be the only scoring play for the Colts all night.

Indianapolis travels to Tennessee next week. The Titans are coming off a terrible loss to the Texans so it would not be surprised if they took out their frustrations on the Colts who are quickly becoming the punching bag of the NFL.

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