The Colts Lose Another One 27-10

All you had to do was watch two quarters of Indianapolis’ game against Tennessee to see everything that is wrong with this hideous football team. The Colts are not any good in any one area. Their special teams are poor which was on display when the Titans blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown in the second quarter to make it 10-0. Their offense can never get any points on the board, and the Colts defense, which has never really been any good, looks so much worse now that they never have a lead.

After falling behind 20-0 the Colts had nothing left to play for. Indianapolis was able to put a couple of scoring drives together late, for cosmetic reasons no serious comeback could have been put together. At (0-8) the Colts are as bad of team as you can imagine, they are equally as bad if not worse than the Miami Dolphins and it would be no shock if they finished the season with no wins, or one win at best.

The Colts are facing the Falcons at home next week, and Indianapolis has actually played fairly well at home this season, but you cannot trust a team like the Indianapolis to maintain any sort of consistency.

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