The Indianapolis Jokes Lose Again, 17-3

The Indianapolis Colts have to be the absolute worst team ever. Although their have been other really bad teams, such as the 0-16 Lions of a few years back and the bad Raiders teams after their Superbowl run. None of those teams  in my opinion look as hideous as the Colts do week in and week out.

For the first time maybe ever, the Colts fans booed their team on Sunday, for their dismal performance. At this point in the season the Colts fans have earned the right to boo the team. Yes they have been spoiled by all the success over the last decade, however none of the fans really booed before this past week, and any (0-10) team should be booed.

Indianapolis’  matchup with the Jaguars, was basically a contest to see who’s offense is more inept, and the Colts won in that regard, maybe the only thing they will win all season. Both teams combined for less than 300 yards of total offense and both looked totally inept asides from Maurice Jones-Drew who has made a career of playing good against the Colts. Jones-Drew finished the day with 114 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries.

The Colts have a bye next week, which is great for them because now they will not be able to lose in on week this season.

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