Another Game Another Loss

One positive thing you could say about the Indianapolis Colts this season is that they are very consistent. However that consistency has led them to an (0-11) record, and quite possibly the worst season by any team in the history of the NFL. Last week a 27-19 loss to the Carolina Panthers was as close of a game the Colts had played in almost half a season.

After falling behind 10-0 Indianapolis was able to tie at 10 before halftime. The Colts could not hold off the Panthers for long though, with Cam Newton playing as well as he did. Newton finished the game 20-27 for 208 yards and a rushing touchdown. Indianapolis attempted to make it interesting late. Down eight with five minutes to play the Colts were putting a drive together before Curtis Painter threw his second interception of the game, ending all hopes of the Colts’ first win.

Next week Indianapolis will be wishing they never played football this year, when they get the chance to play the Patriots in New England. Do not be surprised if the Colts get demolished, because as it has been shown before, Brady and Belichick are not afraid to run up the score against teams.

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