Change at Quarterback, Same Result

The Indianapolis Colt are chasing history, a part of history that no football team wants to be a part of. That is to be the second NFL team to finish a season 0-16. However, the way in which the Colts loss this game to the Patriots was unlike any other.

After allowing the Patriots to score four straight touchdowns over two quarters, Indianapolis was facing a 31-3 deficit with only the fourth quarter left. Donald Brown scored the first touchdown on a five yard run. Then after forcing the Patriots to punt twice more, Orlovsky was able to hit Pierre Garcon on a 33 yard touchdown pass.

Indianapolis’ defense was able to force the Patriots on another three and out, which allowed Orlovsky to find Garcon again for another touchdown. Although the Colts were able to cut the deficit to seven, they had only 12 seconds left in the game. The Colts were not able to recover the onside kick, and ended up falling to the Patriots 31-24, but not without a fight.

With four games remaining on the schedule the Colts’ most winnable game is their last of the season against the Jaguars. It might be imperative for Jim Caldwell to get a win or two down the stretch, because without one his job may be on the line.

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