Colts Second Straight Win Presents New Dilemmas

After last weeks win the Indianapolis Colts had gotten the albatross of not winning a game out of the way. However Orlovsky, led the Colts to a second straight win against the playoff bound Texans, creating all new kinds of problems for the organization.

Indianapolis played from behind the entire game, up until the final moments when Orlovsky put together a last minute drive and connected with Reggie Wayne on a game winning touchdown.

Winning is good for every sport entity, however for this team on this particular year, it could potentially be a bad thing. The Colts had been in line for the first pick in the draft with the opportunity of drafting Andrew Luck or trading the pick for a king’s ransom has its many perks. So the situation that the Colts organization faces is that they could potentially lose that pick with a win and a Rams loss. One would think that the front office would want that pick and could even be hoping for a loss next week.

Next week against the Jaguars will be one of those few times where the front office and fans of a team will be rooting for their team to lose.

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