Colts to Part Ways with Peyton Manning

The 14 years relationship between the Indianapolis Colts and their Future Hall of Fame Quarterback Peyton is finally coming to an end after much speculation. Both Manning and the Colts Owner Jim Irsay are expected to conduct a conference announcing this decision on Wednesday.

There were speculations earlier that both parties may be able to work out a deal that would prevent the Colts from paying Manning a roster bonus of $28 million which was due this Thursday.   Since signing a five-year contract worth $90 million last season, Manning has been battling health issue related to the neck surgery he had, and he sat out the entire season.  The Colts who had a horrible season finishing 2-14 have the advantage of being in the position to draft Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck, who is one of the most highly rated college quarterback.

With his separation from the Colts and going into free agency next week, Manning is expected to be approached by other NFL teams in search of a QB such as the Redskins, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Chiefs, and Arizona.

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