More Tough Luck Coming for Indy Quarterback

There clearly is a raw talent in Andrew Luck the likes of which we haven’t really seen a lot of in the NFL over the course of the last several years. Luck and his Indianapolis Colts were beaten up pretty badly by the Chicago Bears in a 41-21 loss in Week 1, but what we saw out of the rookie was the ability to make some sharp, crisp passes through zones, and the ability to make some proper reads. Unfortunately, three picks and three sacks later, Luck had to pick himself off of the mat after his first career loss, and he was harshly reminded that, though he has all of the talent in the world, his teammates simply don’t.

The real problem is on that offensive line, and this is the unit that is going to be under the most scrutiny for the whole season in Indianapolis. Thanks to this offensive line, Luck not only threw three picks, but he also lost a pair of fumbles as well, and five turnovers credited to one player just isn’t going to cut it to say the least.

If he thought that going against Julius Peppers and the Chicago defensive line was tough though, Luck hasn’t seen anything yet. The Minnesota Vikings are on tap.

When you think of the Vikes, you have to think of Jared Allen, who had a whopping 22 sacks a campaign ago. He has averaged an absolutely insane sack per game over the course of his last six seasons, and he is going to want to get back on that track after not recording a single defensive stat in last week’s win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you think that Minnesota is just a one-man pass rush though, you need to think again. This unit amassed 48 sacks last year, second in the league.

And then there’s Luck, who is stuck working behind an offensive line that allowed its quarterbacks to get absolutely just obliterated last year. We tend to forget that back in 1998, Peyton Manning’s rookie season, that he was sacked just 22 times behind a solid offensive line that was opening up holes for Marshall Faulk. There have been a ton of great comparisons between Luck and Manning, but what Luck doesn’t have is an offensive line.

So for those of you who plan on making NFL picks on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 against the Vikes, you should really think twice, knowing that Allen and his defensive line are probably going to be all over Luck from the first snap of the game.

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