Collie Finished

Colts wide receiver Austin Collie has been diagnosed with a ruptured right patella tendon and is done for the season.  Collie, who had been fighting with concussion issues the past few seasons and most recently the first few weeks of this season, finally was able to return to game action.  However, Collie left the Jacksonville game with a right knee injury early in the third quarter.

Collie was injured as he caught a pass from Andrew Luck over the middle for a 6-yard again. He appeared to get hit in the head, raising immediate fears of yet another concussion.  Once Collie was able to get to his feet and walk off the field, he could not put any weight on his right leg.  He later underwent an MRI and it revealed the rupture.

Ruptured patella tendons are typically trickier to come back from than torn ACLs.  With this recent injury, Collie’s week one status for the 2013 season could be in doubt.  A positive to take away from all of this is that this injury now gives Collie another year to recover from his fourth concussion in 21 months.  Hopefully by this time next season Collie will be back out on the field and will have moved on from his injury riddled past.

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