Game Preview: Colts vs. Bills


Photo by: Kellen Micah/ICON SMI

The Indianapolis Colts have a perfect opportunity to separate themselves from the other teams in the AFC for a wildcard spot by taking the Bills out of the picture and improving to 7-4. If the Colts lose, the Bills will only be one game behind them and they will have the advantage in a tie breaker. This game will not clinch a playoff spot for the Colts, nor will it eliminate the Bills, but the impact that a win will have today is too big to not consider this a significant game.

The Bills are loaded with two great running backs who are both capable or dominating a defense on any given day, but when forced to throw, Fitzpatrick has been known to turn the ball over. The Colts will need to stuff the run and force the Bills to try and attack through the air. However, for that to work, the Colts front seven will nee to pressure Fitzpatrick when he’s dropping back to pass.

The Colts defense will need to step it up today, and the offense just needs to keep doing what they have have been doing, and that’s let Andrew Luck guide them to a victory.

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