Week 15 Recap: Mistakes, Depleted Offense, Watt Plague Colts in Loss to Texans

Houston Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt was on the hunt, and with a depleted offensive line, Andrew Luck was an endangered species. Watt sacked the rookie quarterback three times (Luck was taken down five times total) and his forced fumble on Colts’ running back Mewelde Moore at the 1-yard line kept the Colts from a much-needed touchdown. Even the golden-footed punter Pat McAfee had a crappy day when one of his punts was blocked deep in Colts territory and caused a Texans touchdown.

The pressure from Watt and his defensive corps held the Colts to just 1-for-8 on third down conversions and stonewalled Luck, who completed only 13 of his 27 passes for 186 yards. In comparison, Houston’s Arian Foster RAN for 165 yards on 27 carries. Despite the Colts’ poor showing and inability to consistently make plays, the most disappointing part of this game was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on the Colts’ interim head coach, Bruce Arians.

So far, it is unclear exactly why the penalty was called, but it really doesn’t matter. That is not the attitude of an Indianapolis Colts coach. It might be tolerated, even expected, from a hothead like Bill Belichick, but that is not Colts football. Yeah, all of Colts Country was steamed, but at that point in time the Colts needed their current commander-in-chief to keep his composure and pull them back together.

The win gave the Texans the AFC South title for the second year in a row. The Colts still have a shot of making the playoffs if they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16 at Kansas City. Colts fans can only hope…

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