Future betting tips on the top NFL teams

Now is the time of year to start placing future bets on your best picks of the top NFL teams, and you will be joining the hoards of Americans who are also doing so. However, unless you understand NFL very well, it can be a very difficult kind of bet to call. Future bets are not for everyone, and although they are great fun early season, the downside is that they can tie in your betting fund for a long period of time. If you place a bet today on which NFL team will win the Superbowl, score the most points, make the most touchdowns and so on, you will see no return on your money for five or sixth months.

However, if you are willing to tie up your money for that time, and you are willing to do some research on how the draft has changed the make-up of various teams, the current form of the top players, and anything you can glean from pre-season training, then there is good money to be made. With future bets what you are aiming to do is to be a little cleverer than the bookmaker and identify a set of value bets that should make you money.

Betting on American Football themed gambling games is a great way for football fans to experience a different kind of gambling action, and a great example of these games is 5 Million Dollar Touchdown which is available at Belle Rock Entertainment. It is a typical 20 pay line 5 reel video slot which uses American Football as a backdrop, and many of the symbols on the reels are based on images from the sport. The game has several interesting bonus features, but anyone playing the game has a real target to aim for and that is the major $5 million jackpot. If you are going for it, then you need to mat the maximum amount and then try to spin five scatter symbols.

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