Andrew Luck and Colts fall against RG3 and the Redskins

The much talked about preseason game between the first and second round pick started out to be a punt fest, with RG3 throwing two long passes to Garcon that wasn’t complete. Chris Wilson and Steven Bowen had two good back-to-back defensive plays, sacking Andrew Luck twice in the last 4th and 3rd minute of the […]

August 2012 by colts360

Colts Second Straight Win Presents New Dilemmas

After last weeks win the Indianapolis Colts had gotten the albatross of not winning a game out of the way. However Orlovsky, led the Colts to a second straight win against the playoff bound Texans, creating all new kinds of problems for the organization. Indianapolis played from behind the entire game, up until the final […]

January 2012 by colts360

Change at Quarterback, Same Result

The Indianapolis Colt are chasing history, a part of history that no football team wants to be a part of. That is to be the second NFL team to finish a season 0-16. However, the way in which the Colts loss this game to the Patriots was unlike any other. After allowing the Patriots to […]

December 2011 by colts360

Another Game Another Loss

One positive thing you could say about the Indianapolis Colts this season is that they are very consistent. However that consistency has led them to an (0-11) record, and quite possibly the worst season by any team in the history of the NFL. Last week a 27-19 loss to the Carolina Panthers was as close […]

December 2011 by colts360

The Indianapolis Jokes Lose Again, 17-3

The Indianapolis Colts have to be the absolute worst team ever. Although their have been other really bad teams, such as the 0-16 Lions of a few years back and the bad Raiders teams after their Superbowl run. None of those teams  in my opinion look as hideous as the Colts do week in and […]

November 2011 by colts360

Colts Lose in Dreadful Fashion 31-7, Fall to 0-9

The Indianapolis Colts have gone from a lousy team losing close games, to an out and out disaster of a team. There is no more need for proof that Peyton Manning has deservedly won MVP of the NFL over the past few years, with the hideous play of the Colts without him. After losing to […]

November 2011 by colts360

The Colts Lose Another One 27-10

All you had to do was watch two quarters of Indianapolis’ game against Tennessee to see everything that is wrong with this hideous football team. The Colts are not any good in any one area. Their special teams are poor which was on display when the Titans blocked a punt and recovered it for a […]

November 2011 by colts360

The Colts get Totally Embarrassed in a 62-7 Rout on Sunday Night

Everyone knew that the New Orleans Saints were going to be focused coming off a loss, but no one knew that the Colts were going to look like a high school team on Sunday Night. At this point it does not matter who Indianapolis faces, the result will be the same just about every time, a […]

October 2011 by colts360

Indianapolis Loses AGAIN at Cincinnati 27-17

Will the Indianapolis Colts ever win a game without Peyton Manning? They probably will, but the team they face is going to have to play like garbage for the Colts to win. With the win the Cincinnati Bengals with the league’s top ranked defense move to 4-2 and are a half game behind Baltimore in the AFC […]

October 2011 by colts360

Indianapolis Fails to Hold on to Lead and Lose 28-24

Curtis Painter and the rest of the Colts started the game red hot, but could not finish off the 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs. Painter began the game 12-17 for 237 yards and two touchdowns, both to Pierre Garcon, giving the Colts a 17-0 lead. After a long 41 yard touchdown pass from Cassel to Bowe, […]

October 2011 by colts360